Fins Up Marco

About Us

Captain Devin Harrison, born & raised in Maryland near the Chesapeake Bay, attended Riverdale Baptist High School with a talent in baseball which led him to Hartford College on a baseball scholarship. He loved family, friends, church, sports, & fishing with his beloved Grandfather.
In 2015, Devin was introduced to family from his youth group who lived on the Patuxent River. He would visit them often and through those visits discovered a passion in the rivers and bays for crabbing, fishing, and “water” in general. He would spend his weekends boating, swimming, crabbing, fishing & finding his peace & joy through the wonders of the waters.

In 2018, Devin was informed that his mentor family had decided to move to Southwest Florida to be closer to family and live a dream life on the water year-round in beautiful Marco Island. Gratefully, the family had offered 19 year old Devin an opportunity to move down with the family of 7 under the expectations of continuing college, responsibly working a job, and paying rent to start this journey to set the rest of his life.
His first year while living in the Estates on Marco Island, driven Devin found a passion for boating & an incredible gift of fishing in Caxambas Pass and the 10,000 Islands. Through his reputable character, Devin quickly made many good friends, including business owners, locals, and tourists. He found a job working for a major charter fishing company on the Island as a hard working first mate. His determination & passion for fishing led him to the challenging task of obtaining his Captains license. With flying colors & helping others in his class, he obtained it quickly. Soon after, Devin was given the opportunity to be an exclusive captain of a private boat through this well-known charter company. He was quickly recognized as one of the best Captains on the Island, with extraordinary success on every single charter, while making friends, meeting locals, tourists, enjoying family friendly charters, and recurring clients over and over.

In 2021, with mentors, local business owners & investors seeing his passion, incredible gift, experience, leadership, and reputable character, Devin gained much support through his determination to launch his own charter fishing business, Fins Up. His bookings are phenomenal and his business is taking off quickly. The new ROBALO Cayman outfitted with the best rods and reels is a meant to catch fish and is perfect for back water fishing, offshore, eco tours, and shelling.
“It’s been an awesome launch of the first few months of the business! Trips with awesome families and sweet catches of cobia, snook, redfish, sheepshead… Hasn’t been a slow trip yet. It truly is a blessing for the opportunity that led me to my gifts & purpose & to live in an area with so many beautiful waters, extraordinary fish, and cool marine life. Nothing compares to the quality of life here in unbelievable Southwest Florida. Whether it’s fishing the back bays, throwing those rods out off shore, walking the beach and seeing the excitement of customers finding sand dollars and unique shells, but especially meeting the people I get to meet every day through these awesome trips, I love what I do, I love where I live, and I so grateful to do life with those around me…and it shows with the constant activity of referrals that I am so grateful for.”

- Captain Devin Harrison